Latest Podcast Episode Unveils Toronto’s New Hotspots: The Well and Waterworks

POSTED ON July 9, 2024 BY Justine Smith

Ready to see how Toronto is shaping the future of urban living and culinary experiences? In this episode of Table 6ix, we take you behind the scenes of The Well and Waterworks Food Hall, two transformative developments in the King West area that are redefining downtown living.

Get the inside scoop from Anthony Casalanguida, General Manager of The Well, and Stratton Townley, Director of Development at Woodcliffe Landmark Properties. Whether you’re a foodie, an architecture and design enthusiast, or just love discovering new urban spaces, you won’t want to miss this.

Discover how these spaces are creating social districts for Torontonians and visitors, implementing sustainability practices, and setting new trends with the European food hall concept. Press play to uncover the future of downtown Toronto!

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