Preserving Culture: The Story of 401 Richmond from Founder Margie Zeidler

POSTED ON June 18, 2024 BY Justine Smith

In our latest episode of Table 6ix, hosts Laurie Weir and Dana Duncanson uncover one of Toronto’s coolest hidden gems: 401 Richmond. Located at the corner of Richmond and Spadina, this iconic building has been transformed from an old lithography factory into a thriving cultural and commercial hub. Visionary founder Margie Zeidler shares the captivating history and remarkable journey of creating a space that is now home to over 150 diverse tenants, ranging from art galleries and fashion designers to non-profits and tech startups.

Margie Zeidler, inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs, turned 401 Richmond into a “village in a box” with its unique architecture and labyrinthine hallways. In this episode, you’ll hear about the fascinating transformation of the building, the eclectic stories of its tenants, and the legacy of Margie’s father, famed architect Eb Zeidler, who designed iconic Toronto landmarks like Ontario Place and Eaton Centre. Margie’s dedication to providing affordable workspaces has significantly impacted Toronto’s cultural landscape, nurturing emerging talent and fostering a vibrant community.

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