Toronto International Film Festival


King Street WestFull ClosureUniversity Ave – Peter StSept 5, 5am – Sept 9, 5am
John StreetFull ClosureWellington St W – north of King St WSept 5, 1am – Sept 9, 5am
Simcoe StreetFull ClosureWellington St W – Pearl StSept 5, 1am – Sept 9, 5am
Widmer StreetFull ClosureKing St W – Parking entrance at 350 King St WSept 5, 1am – Sept 9, 5am
Duncan Street/Ed Mirvish WayFull ClosureKing St. W – Pearl St.Sept 5, 1am – Sept 9, 5am
Pearl StreetLane Restriction South Curb LaneJohn Street – Simcoe StreetSept 5 – Sept 15
King Street West Lane Occupations, North and South curb lanesUniversity Ave – John StSept 5 – Sept 15
Wellington Street WestLane Occupation, North curb laneUniversity Ave – Blue Jays WayAug 28 – Sept 18


Several roads will continue to be closed to accommodate festival events and activities after Festival Street:

King Street WestLane occupation, North and South Curb lanes, to full closure for eventsWidmer St – Duncan St.Sept 9, 5am – Sept 16
Simcoe StreetWest lane occupationWellington St – King St.Sept 9, 5am- Sept 16
Widmer StreetPartial to full closure for eventsKing St – Parking entrance at 350 King St WSept 9, 5am – Sept 15

King St W may close temporarily for red carpet events due to public safety concerns around the Princess of Wales Theatre and the Royal Alexandra Theatre – Monday, September 9th to Sunday September 15th.

Access to resident parking will be maintained at all times. Some bike lanes and bike lock loops will be restricted during the King Street closure.

Attachments: Full Event Notice.