1 Hotel Toronto is Embracing Sustainability this Earth Month

POSTED ON April 9, 2024 BY Justine Smith

Located at 550 Wellington Street West, 1 Hotel Toronto stands as a sustainable sanctuary amidst the bustle of downtown. Inspired by the city’s rich natural environment and the serene beauty of Lake Ontario, this eco-conscious retreat offers more than just accommodation—it embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship.

1 Hotel Toronto’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the design details. From the interiors to the furnishings, local and reclaimed materials such as timber and driftwood sourced from the City of Toronto are artfully incorporated, giving the space a unique and authentic character.

One notable initiative is their on-site organic composter, which can transform 12,000 pounds of waste into just 1000 pounds of compost per month. This nutrient-rich compost then nourishes over 2,500 plants across their grounds and neighbouring parks, contributing to a greener urban ecosystem.


In celebration of Earth Month, 1 Hotel Toronto is hosting exciting events that promote mindful living and sustainable practices. On April 23, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, guests can join the Mindful Mixology Masterclass – Earth Month Edition at 1 Kitchen. This hour-long session offers participants the opportunity to craft delicious and eco-friendly cocktails while learning about sustainable ingredients and techniques.

Additionally, on April 14, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, visitors can explore The Second Life Pop Up Shop in Flora Lounge. This event introduces a curated selection of home goods and vintage clothing from Toronto businesses, encouraging attendees to embrace conscious consumerism and support local artisans. 

Join 1 Hotel Toronto in their mission to create a more sustainable future while indulging in luxury and tranquility in the heart of downtown.