Artistic Creations within Urban Constructions

Beyond the daily commute, we typically find ourselves choosing to snuggle up at home and hibernate during the harsh Canadian winters. However, Toronto is bursting with opportunities for engagement through various events, activities, architectural landmarks, and multi-dimensional artworks. What beauty or excitement could you be missing out on? Our Details in the District blog explored architectural gems but now we take you on an introductory Art Walk of the Toronto Entertainment District, exploring six one-of-a-kind contemporary art installations. Let’s explore.

Constellation, Alan Paley 50 John Street

Just above the main entrance to the Rosemont Residences, Alan Paley’s Constellation consumes and confounds any onlooker. Stainless steel fragments—varying in size and shape—scatter and overlap; they engage or even clash with each other. Each piece has been sharply cut and bent. The installation exhibits a disordered, dynamic entanglement. At the same time, however, the different fragments still exist together. Because constellations are human constructs, this human-made installation allows us to interpret and find meaning within the chaos.

Memoire du Future, Anne Poirier & Patrick Poirier 225 King Street West

Within Metro Hall stands a dominant yet reflective steel column. This is Memoire du Future, by Anne Poirier & Patrick Poirier. Although an addition to Metro Hall’s pre-existing architecture, this particular column does not serve its traditional purpose: to support. In fact, it does not reach the ceiling. The doric column has also been cut into smaller cylindrical portions, stacked unevenly. The installation may symbolize the fragmentation of memory overtime. Even so, it still stands.

Memoire du Future Anne Poirier Patrick Poirier Art Walk Toronto Entertainment District

Runaway Forest, Jaakko Pernu 224 King Street West

Just off King Street West, and to the right of Theatre Park Condos’ glass-paneled entrance, Pernu’s Runaway Forest comes alive. Long, thin strips of metal run from one pole (or ‘trunk’) to another. In the process, they become interwoven in a geometric yet disorganized fashion. This installation calls the viewer to reflect upon the constructed forest—the frenzy is enchanting.

Runaway Forest Jaakko Pernu Art Walk Toronto Entertainment District

Pixel Cube, David Rokeby & Michael Awad 25 York Street

Within the Telus Building, innumerous strands of LED pixel lights suspend in the form of a cube. The Pixel Cube of Awad, in collaboration with Rokeby, mesmerizes those who glance up or from afar. The LEDs vary in temporality and colour, creating dazzling movement.

Pixel Cube David Rokeby Michael Awad Art Walk Toronto Entertainment District York Street Art Installation

The Entire City Project, Michael Awad 25 York Street 

Just below the Pixel Cube, another work by Michael Awad begins. Stretching about 100 feet, and located nearby Union Station, this photograph captures the dynamism of Toronto’s commuters. Awad’s Entire City Project, in other words, offers a quick glance into the ‘everyday’ Torontonian.

The Entire City Project Michael Awad Toronto Artist Art Walk Toronto Entertainment District

Woodpecker Column and Snowm’n, Fastwürms 222 Bremner Boulevard

In front of the south entryway to the Metro Convention Centre, two Fastwürms installations certainly catch the eye. The first is Woodpecker Column, far surpassing the Convention Centre in height. Two woodpeckers reside at varying heights. The many holes on the trunk (made of steel) represent presence and engagement, between both bird(s) and tree. The second installation, Snowm’n, is charming and playful. It is particularly relevant in the winter, after a large snowfall. At the same time, however, it remains throughout the year. It does not melt away, as a natural snowman would—it withstands the change of seasons.

Woodpecker Column Snowm'n Toronto Entertainment District Art Walk Art Installation

From geometric forests and entangled constellations to LED pixels and charming creatures, the Toronto Entertainment District is a hub for the arts. These are works of contemporary art, embodying a wide range of techniques and interpretations. This winter, embrace artistic adventure and scout out more art installations on the Toronto Entertainment District’s Art Walk. As you explore, tag us on social media @entertainmentdistrictto and use #TEDdetails. We can’t wait to see what catches your eye within our district!