Attention: Cafe TO Participants

POSTED ON September 30, 2022 BY Justine Smith

Request for Early Curb Lane Cafe Removal

The CaféTO Team would like to connect with CaféTO participants who have operated stand-alone curb lane cafés in 2022. Stand-alone curb lane cafés have no immediately adjacent cafés on either side.
If you are no longer operating your curb lane café OR if you plan to cease operating your curb lane café on or before October 5, 2022, please reply to this email. By removing vacant curb lane cafés, the City can re-instate other important road uses and programs, such as parking and maintenance. 
If you do not request an early removal, your café will be removed during the regular program closeout in October/November. You will be notified in advance of your removal timeframe. The 2022 curb lane café season ends November 7, 2022.
Please send all replies and program questions to
Thank you,
CaféTO Team

Janice Solomon | Executive Director
Dana Duncanson | Director of Marketing & Communications
Anojan Sathasivam | Urban Planning Manager
Justine Smith | Communications Manager