B Corp Feature: Bullfrog Power

POSTED ON August 31, 2017 BY Justine Smith


Bullfrog Power’s CEO, Ron Seftel, speaking at the launch of the Ellershouse Wind Farm at Ellershouse Nova Scotia


BullFrog Power team at WWF CN Tower Stair Climb fundraiser

The Toronto Entertainment District is home to a variety of B Corporations and today we will be featuring Bullfrog Power.

In 2005, Bullfrog Power first offered homes and businesses in Canada a green energy choice. The company’s proposition was simple: when you “bullfrogpower” your home or business, Bullfrog Power ensures the energy put on the grid on your behalf is from clean, renewable sources. The impact the bullfrogpowered community has had on Canada since 2005 ​has been substantial: more than three million megawatt hours of green electricity on the grid, more than six million gigajoules of green natural gas on the pipeline and more than 700,000 litres of green fuel onto the Canadian fuel system. As a result of its customers’ green energy commitments, Bullfrog has also supported more than 115 community-based green energy projects across Canada. In 2011, Bullfrog Power became one of Canada’s founding B Corporations and regularly appears on the annual B Corporation “Best for the World” lists.

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