Beyond Skincare: Alyssa Gill’s Approach to Timeless Beauty

POSTED ON February 9, 2024 BY Justine Smith

Skin Prick Medispa & Advanced Cosmetic Clinic, led by the talented Alyssa Gill, offers cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and an innovative spa experience. Alyssa Gill and her skilled team provide personalized solutions in a luxurious environment, ensuring clients achieve their goals with confidence.

What inspired you to get into this industry and open your own business?

I’ve been in the industry for 7 years now, working in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Medical Aesthetics. I’ve always been passionate about helping patients achieve their skin and anti-aging goals. To me, Skin Prick is about creating physical change to the skin with each treatment so we can achieve noticeable and natural results. For any internal and external concerns clients are looking to improve, my team of expert providers are here to educate first and provide exceptional services to follow.

Tell us about the services provided at Skin Prick and how clients benefit from treatment.

The services we offer at Skin Prick are full laser clinic from laser hair removal to deep resurfacing therapy, a full injectable clinic, weight management, and hormone replacement therapy. We also offer injectable and laser training to professionals in the industry who are looking to expand their practical skill and or who just started in the industry. 

For someone new to cosmetic clinics and medispas – describe a typical client journey.

The providers and I at Skin Prick require a consultation before undergoing any treatment (no matter the simplicity of the treatment or if you’ve had it before). Bookings can be done through our online portal, by giving us a call, or emailing. This allows us the opportunity to educate the patient on the treatment they’re having done before it’s provided. We are all Clinical Trainers in the industry and so it’s our duty to make sure we are giving patients the right treatment that will address their concerns and achieve their goals. Depending on the complexity of the treatment plan or customization, typically treatments can be done the same day as the consultation. If needed, post-care instructions are provided, and follow-up appointments are booked to make sure desired results are acheived.

What makes your clinic unique and what do you hope your customers will walk away with? 

I think what makes my clinic unique and different from the rest, is that we are all experts in the industry and with our years of combined experience – we can offer completely custom treatment plans to each patient. Everyone is different. Everyone’s skin is different, and so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another! We take time to assess the skin, listen to your concerns, and outline the best treatment journey for each patient. Aging is continuous and doesn’t stop, therefore the wellness and rejuvenation journey is continuous. We understand this concept and offer the best most innovative treatments and services on the market to make sure we can get to the finish line in a cost effective and realistic way.

Final thoughts.

This industry can get expensive if treatments aren’t carefully considered… We know! But our goal at Skin Prick is to educate patients on the best treatments to get the most effective results while being budget conscious. I call it ‘The best bang for your buck’. We have the secret sauce! We also offer financing through a company called Beautifi where patients can split or spread out their payments to make it easier for day-to-day living!

Check out Skin Prick Medispa & Advanced Cosmetic Clinic at 334 Adelaide Street West, Unit 311. Book a consultation!