City of Toronto’s CaféTO Program:
Applications Now Open

City of Toronto Opens Applications for CaféTO Curb Lane Cafés

BIA Restaurant Owners and Operators,

Applications & Approval:
Starting this week, local restaurant and bar owners and operators interested in expanding outdoor dining space into curb lanes and sidewalks through the City of Toronto’s CaféTO program can apply for permits online at until Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Once applications are received, City staff will work with operators to create traffic management plans and develop a balanced approach to curb lane use to support businesses, including loading zones, garbage/recycling pickup zones, cycling infrastructure and pedestrian needs. Approved CaféTO curb lane locations will be installed in mid-May and June.

Permit and application fees will be phased in over a three-year period. This year, fees will be reduced by 66 per cent with the full amount not charged until 2025.

Operators will have until August 1 to install temporary platforms in curb lane café permit areas to improve accessibility and program equity. Until this date, operators will be able to use their permitted space by deploying a temporary ramp from the sidewalk.

Sidewalk cafés:
In 2023, the one-time application fees and the annual permit fees are being reinstated but will be reduced by 66 per cent with the full amount to be charged in 2025. Applications for sidewalk cafés are accepted throughout the year.

Patios on private property:
Restaurant and bar operators may also be able to expand outdoor dining opportunities on private property. The City has enacted temporary use Zoning Bylaws to permit larger outdoor patios than would otherwise be permitted and to permit outdoor patios on parking lots, provided the parking space is not required for a residential use or is not an accessible parking space.

Programs & Grants: 
Grant programs, as well as the CaféTO Curb Lane Pilot Program launching this year, will be available to assist businesses and BIAs participating in the CaféTO program.
To learn more, see the full news release on the City of Toronto’s website. 

For questions about the program Email:

Anojan Sathasivam | Urban Planning Manager