Commercial Property Owners & Tenants – City Of Toronto Property Tax Survey For Businesses

POSTED ON May 25, 2018 BY Justine Smith

Property Owners and Tenants,

Following the recent 2017 property reassessment, many businesses in Toronto reported unsustainable property tax increases. On January 2018, City Council adopted measures to provide a level of protection against these increases. For 2018, properties in the commercial, industrial and multi-residential tax classes will have property tax increases limited (capped) to 10% of the preceding year’s annualized taxes, plus a portion of Council’s approved budgetary rate increase.

City Council has asked the City of Toronto to explore additional tax policy options for businesses experiencing property tax increases and to report back on a policy direction to explore in 2019 and beyond. The City of Toronto is looking for your insight on various tax protection approaches for businesses, including who should benefit from such protection and how it should be funded.

Note: This survey is intended to be anonymous. Please do not include any personal information when answering the survey questions.

The City is accepting survey responses until June 1, 2018. Please click here to complete survey. 

If you are interested in providing City Council with additional comments on current tax policy, or recommendations for tax reform, please send an email to: Janice Solomon, Executive Director Comments will be consolidated and sent to City Council anonymously.