David Moskowitz Introduces a New Form of Wellness for Torontonians

David Moskowitz fell in love with the concept of assisted stretching after visiting a StretchLab during a trip to California. He was blown away by the holistic health benefits the service offered. From decreasing pain and tension, to improving health, flexibility and mobility, the experience was deeply impactful, and inspired him to bring the brand to Torontonians. StretchLab sessions are fully customized to meet the needs of each individual, and are inclusive for people of all ages and physical ability. Learn more about franchise Owner David Moskowitz and his journey bringing the StretchLab brand to Downtown Toronto:

From your perspective, what are the benefits of wellness?

Wellness is not singular faceted; it involves various aspects of your life including a physical fitness plan, a food consumption plan, a physical and mental recovery plan. Having all aspects of wellness considered will enable someone to receive the full benefits of being WELL.

Why did you decide to focus on this industry?

While in California on a trip I came across this brand StretchLab and decided to try it out. I fell in love with the concept of stretching, as someone who pays attention to their physical fitness stretching has always been a part of my journey but not in a manner that would keep me consistent. Once I found this brand it brought to light that in my own wellness journey I needed to ensure that I stretch on a regular basis the proper way. Stretching is an aspect of health that we as people don’t do enough. It was important for me to show Torontonians a better way to incorporate this into their daily life.

Tell us more about StretchLab and the services provided?

Stretchlab is a solution that can improve sports performance, increase range of motion, posture relaxation and flexibility, reduce muscle and joint pain, and decrease stress. We provide an open, relaxed  and contemporary studio environment with a customized stretching plan for our members.  We have 25 and 50 minute sessions with our highly trained Flexologists who will customize a stretching plan for you. In our assessment process we utilize a proprietary piece of Technology that analyzes our members using an ipad that will scan a member while performing 3 overhead squats.  This device named MAPS (Mobility, Muscle Activation, Posture and Symmetry) assists our Flexologists to assess each member and identify their specific needs.

For someone new to this experience, what can they expect? 

Once booked into your 25 or 50 minute intro stretch the member will attend our studio and be greeted with a welcoming and warm studio. They will be greeted by our front desk staff and then introduced to their Flexologist.  They will be taken to our MAPS assessment area, which takes approx. 1-3 min.  They will then be taken to their stretching area and the Flexologist will work with the member on their specific goals and issues that have been discussed prior to the appointment and during.

Any final thoughts?

Stretchlab is for Everybody and Every Body. Whether you’re a 14 year old Athlete or a 90 year old who wants to keep up with their Grandchildren or just someone in between who wants to reach a specific goal, we are for you. Everyone should be stretching in efforts to live long. 

Book time with a Flexologist and discover the benefits of one-on-one stretching. StretchLab is located at 410 Adelaide St W.

StretchLab Downtown Toronto Exterior