357 King St. W.

Application Status: Under Construction

Address: 357 King St. W. Toronto, ON

Currently under construction a 42-storey mixed-use building (137 metres in height, excluding mechanicals).
The proposed building would include 324 residential units and approximately 1,163 square metres of retail
space in the first underground level, and on the first and second storeys of the building. 512 Bicycle parking
spaces and 18 car-share spaces at 357 King Street West is proposed.

Developer: Great GulfArchitect: Quadrangle Architects LimitedApplication Type: RezoningSubmission Date: 09/28/20161 Bedroom: 2162 Bedroom: 733 Bedroom: 35Residential Units: 324Purposed Land Use: Mixed-Use: Residential, CommercialHeight (Storeys): 42Height (Metres): 148Non-Residential GFA: 148Residential GFA: 24,009Total GFA: 25,172Last Active Date: 08/05/2018City Planner: Hatcher, KirkPlanner Contact: (416) 397-0481Section 37:

• an additional $175,000.00 for public realm improvements in the area
• a minimum of 2 of the car-share vehicles provided on site to be large enough to accommodate a larger
• This sum is in addition to the $1,500,000.00 which had been secured as part of Section 37
negotiations related to the previously approved development to be used by the City toward community
improvements in Ward 20, in the vicinity of the site