Application Status: Decision, Approved

Address: 388 King St. W. Toronto, ON

Approved to construct a 33-storey office tower with retail uses at grade, containing a total gross floor area
of 74,736 square meters and 256 parking spaces below grade. A building stepback of 19.5 meters will be
provided above the 9th storey at King St. and an additional 8.95 meters above the 21st storey. Servicing and
vehicular parking will be provided off the laneway at the north side of the property.

Developer: Allied PropertiesArchitect: Hariri Pontarini ArchitectsApplication Type: RezoningSubmission Date: 03/01/2012Purposed Land Use: Commercial, OfficeHeight (Storeys): 33Height (Metres): 146Non-Residential GFA: 146Total GFA: 74,736Last Active Date: 09/24/2013City Planner: Kimont, JoannaPlanner Contact: (416) 392-7216Section 37:

• $500,000.00 Capital improvements to non-profit arts and cultural facilities in Ward 20, including but not
limited to the Artscape facility at 21 Widmer Street
• $200,000.00 Capital improvements to the playground at Ogden School, located at 33 Pheobe Street in
Ward 20
• $1,300,000.00 Provision of new affordable housing and/or non-profit arts and community facilities in
Ward 20, including but not limited to sites within the Alexandra Park and Atkinson Co-op Revitalization
• * The $100,000 of the total $200,000, originally allocated for the playground at Ogden School, will not
be obtained from this development and instead will be obtained from the development located at 328-
340 Adelaide Street West