Ripley’s Aquarium

292 Bremner Blvd.

Application Status: Completed

Address: 292 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, ON

Site Plan approval for Phase 1 of CN Tower lands re development – for new entertainment complex
containing 3-storey Ripley’s Aquarium Phase 1 consists of easterly portion of lands and construction of
southerly portion of 2-storey aquarium. Future phase 2 includes completion of aquarium – Future Phase 3
(2A) contains and 3-storey retail restaurant commercial building.

Developer: Ripley EntertainmentArchitect: B+H ArchitectsApplication Type: Site Plan ApprovalSubmission Date: 11/19/2009Purposed Land Use: InstitutionalHeight (Storeys): 3Height (Metres): 17Non-Residential GFA: 17Total GFA: 9,846Last Active Date: 10/13/2013City Planner: Meistrich, AllisonPlanner Contact: (416) 392-7363Section 37:

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