Studio on Richmond

181 RIchmond St. W.

Application Status: Completed

Address: 181 RIchmond St. W. Toronto, ON

Completed, the redevelopment of the site for two mixed-use buildings containing a total of 746 dwelling units
(56,280 square meters of residential GFA) and 1,332 square meters of non-residential gross floor area. The
41 and 31 storey buildings will be connected by a 2 – 8-storey podium.

Developer: Aspen Ridge HomesArchitect: Quadrangle ArchitectsApplication Type: Condominium Approval, Site Plan Approval, RezoningSubmission Date: 04/11/2008Bachelor: 281 Bedroom: 4522 Bedroom: 1913 Bedroom: 75Residential Units: 746Purposed Land Use: Mixed-Use: Residential, Commercial, IntstitutionalHeight (Storeys): 41, 31Height (Metres): 132, 97Non-Residential GFA: 132, 97Residential GFA: 56,280Total GFA: 57,612Last Active Date: 08/04/2015City Planner: Prejel, MarianPlanner Contact: (416) 392-9337Section 37:

• $900,000 John St. Streetscape Project and streetscape improvements
• $100,000 Affordable housing in Ward 20
• $631,917 OCADU gallery space upgrades
• Provision for a minimum of 743 sq.ft. in Phase 1 accessed from Richmond St. frontage to the property
at 205 Richmond St. W. for use as a gallery space by OCADU
• Contribution of not less than 1% of the estimated gross construction costs for Phase 1 towards
upgrades to the OCADU space
• Provide a minimum of 10% of the residential units in the building having at least 3 bedrooms or be
convertible to 3 or more bedrooms