John Street Construction Meeting

John Street Stakeholders:

Please see below briefing notes from May 2022 meeting with the City. 

Meeting Date:
May 12, 2022

Meeting attendees:
TDW BIA: Janice Solomon, Anojan Sathasivam, Dana Duncanson
City: (BIA Office) Pauline Ho, Evelyn D’Souza; (ECS) Kimmo Hamalainen, Scott Mitchell; (TS) Cassidy Ritz
THESL: Francis Szto
DPM: Mike Gentile, Charles Ozonnamdi, Nico Iozzo
Beanfield: Greg White, Glen WhittakerItems discussed:
1. Toronto Hydro construction progress:

  • Received latest Toronto Hydro updates on May 4, 2022. Hydro reported on current construction progress. Hydro is managing enquiries.
  • Construction on Mercer west of John: not able to open cut for main trenching. Benefited from the construction worker strike in the last few weeks. Managed to do quick installation across Mercer without heavy construction vehicles going through. Condo did not lose access to underground parking. 
  • At next meeting, Hydro will table the delays that they are running into. 
  • Hydro submitted the costing for the completed BIA work. Phase 1 construction from Stephanie to Queen is $46K; Phase 2 Queen to King is $83K. The City sent minor comments to Hydro. When Hydro submits final invoice for Phase 1 and 2, BIA Office will invoice BIA 50% of the cost ($65K) in July. 

2.     Update from The City

  • Staff meeting was held in April for WSP to discuss various options.
  • Scott noted new work scope requirements with Toronto Water. The City to obtain information on cost to complete and have it tender ready.
  • Cassidy noted Hydro is leaning towards a tri-party agreement. Details need to be further discussed. City will have separate MOU with BIA. BIA will have to rely on Toronto Hydro to do the maintenance on BIA assets.

3.     Progress of Tender drawings

  • Meeting was held in April with DPM and BIA to discuss the electrical power centre (EPC) locations.
  • Catenary system: Janice gave an example of potential 3-way partnership with Bell and BIA cost-share for the feature. What a sponsor can or cannot do will need to be flushed out. 
  • BIA received proposals from DIALOG and Mulvey & Banani Lighting for rendering updates and catenary lighting strategy that complements and coordinates with overall John Street corridor. Will present to committee next week. Janice to extend invitation to BIA Office.
  • BIA to prepare a potential sponsorship deck with associated costs.
  • BIA noted that catenary system is over and above the tender set to be submitted to the City.
  • City placement on right-of-way vs. private property: BIA to initiate the conversation with Mirvish, Great Gulf and RioCan. BIA to include BIA Office in upcoming meetings as well as DPM for technical/design guidance.
  • Michael noted no major issues with design progress. Once DPM has further conversations with DIALOG, receive further input on EPC etc., the tender can wrap up quickly.
  • DPM to send Hydro the cabinet details for review.
  • Scott noted pole placements have been set. Base file update is mainly topographic/updates in certain building footprints, no major changes that impact DPM’s work with the BIA.

4.      Other Items

  • Francis received TIFF 2022 event list. Hydro is putting together a report on potential construction impacts with regards to the event. Current assessment is minimum impact at King and John.
  • Janice noted that a stage is usually set up at King and John. Francis added that construction work should be south of Wellington during TIFF.

5.     Next meeting: June 9, 2022 at 2pm