Member Opportunities: Fall/Holiday Promotions, Contesting & Request for Footage

POSTED ON September 27, 2022 BY Justine Smith
As part of our ongoing efforts to promote our members, the BIA would like to extend the following opportunities:

1. Fall/Holiday Promotions
The BIA is preparing Fall and Holiday campaigns that will feature member events, promotions and activities to be included on our blogwebsite and social media.
Please provide the following:A description of your promotion, event and/or activityA high-resolution image (no text should be included in image)

2. Contesting
The BIA launched an ongoing social contest featuring prizes from our member businesses. 

3. Video & Photography Request
The BIA is looking for professional video, B-roll footage and photography of businesses, to be included in future promotional videos and material.  

If you are interested, please send an email to Wendy Lyall at

Dana Duncanson | Director of Marketing & Communications

Justine Smith | Communications Manager

Wendy Lyall l Members Relations & Administration