Request Feedback On King St Pilot

POSTED ON November 24, 2017 BY Justine Smith

The BIA is participating in weekly calls with the City and other stakeholders regarding the King Street Transit Pilot. 

We are working closely with the City and TTC to coordinate a positive message around shopping, theatre, and dining on King St. 
For those of you who plan to speak to the media, we encourage you to ask them to support this message rather than a negative fearful message about coming to King St.

The City and TTC are well aware the businesses along King St sales have dropped  and in some cases the drop has been significant. Let’s all participate in a positive message in support of your business.  If you require assistance on some positive messages for your websites and social media please contact our office at or at 416.926.1337. 

In regards to public realm, planters will be fully installed along the “public realm” spaces on King St by December 1st. This will give businesses an opportunity to creatively animate this space and provide additional seating for cafes and restaurants adjacent to these spaces.

We are also currently working on a new map with greater directional instructions about coming into the downtown and king St area. Mirvish, for example, has created a communications piece and map that outlines directional instructions to their King Street theatres. Please see link here.

If you have any questions or comments regarding King Street or other adjacent streets, please contact us. We will communicate your questions and comments during our calls.