The ArtWalk Experience

ArtWalk 2.0 is a groundbreaking initiative that combines art and technology to create an unparalleled exploration of the area’s existing 70+ pieces of outdoor public art in downtown Toronto. Five of the six augmented reality stops are now available with one final experience being released on September 23 as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche celebrations:

When Toronto turned 150, artist Ted Bieler created Triad to mark the occasion. The twisting tetrahedrons mimic a DNA helix made up of two linked strands; here, the third might represent Toronto. The intertwined arms give a sense of connectivity and belonging. The DNA of a city is as complex as the people who inhabit it.

Glenn Gould was a virtuosic and eccentric classical pianist, however in this pose we catch a lesser known side of Glenn, quite modest contemplative. The Glenn Gould Foundation commissioned Ruth Abernathy to craft Glenn, which brings to life photographer Don Hunstein’s famous photograph.

The Poet, The Fever Hospital is a striking geometric sculpture by Bernie Miller that captures Toronto’s past. The Poet was Isabella Valancy Crawford, considered one of the greatest Canadian poets. The Fever Hospital refers to York Hospital, which was once located on the northwest corner of King and John Street. This abstract modernist glimpse at the past brings a hopeful optimism for the future.

Toronto is home to nearly every culture on earth. In light of this, artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier created Dream House as a cheerful reminder that no matter who you are or your background, you belong here.

The CN Tower is helping increase the butterfly populations with the addition of a new pollinator garden at the base of the Tower, and therefore commissioned artist Jo the ChalkChick to create a vibrant and hyper-realistic 3D butterfly mural nearby.

Coming Soon: A virtual gallery showcasing artworks from within 401 Richmond’s gallery spaces.

ArtWalk 2.0 is an augmentation of the original online map and self-guided walking tour that launched in 2021, and now incorporates an audio component for the 70+ artworks plus six augmented reality experiences – including the CN Tower and five iconic downtown Toronto artworks and buildings by diverse artists from Canada and abroad. The audio tour not only tells you about the art you’ll encounter, but also information about the artists and the historical and cultural context of the work.

To explore the in-person experience, download the Engage Art app on your iPhone or Android smartphone by visiting the Apple or Google app store.

Within the app, choose from six different ArtWalk “outings”, which distills the art pieces into curated journeys. Select the outing, put your earphones in, and start walking. The six outings are aptly named after the augmented reality piece featured within each route. Once in front of these art pieces/buildings, hold up your phone (with the Engage Art app open), and enjoy the incredible augmented reality visual overlays that animate them in a whole new way. This is where art and technology converge to enhance one’s appreciation of the works.

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