The Transformative Power of Othership with Ashley Bryant

POSTED ON June 25, 2024 BY Justine Smith

Experience Wellness in the Heart of Toronto: The New Table 6ix Podcast Episode

In the latest episode of Table 6ix, we’re delighted to host Ashley Bryant, a guide at Othership, who shares the transformative experience that this unique wellness haven offers. Othership is a welcoming environment, blending hot sauna sessions, cold plunges, and emotional support to create a space for genuine connection and healing.

Join host Laurie Weir as she engages with Ashley in a conversation about the origins and profound impact of Othership, which was started by co-founder Robbie Bent during the pandemic in his garage. Explore the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of their therapies and discover how Othership is redefining togetherness by offering alcohol-free, sober social events that promote community and overall well-being. Don’t miss this inspiring episode that dives deep into the ethos of Othership and its role in fostering a supportive environment for all.

The Transformative Power of Othership with Ashley Bryant

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