Ward 10 Councillor Candidates Respond To BIA

Ward 10 Candidates Address BIATo help members make an informed decision, the BIA reached out to candidates running for Ward 10 Councillor with a summary of challenges facing our neighbourhood. Below are their responses to our question:
As a Councillor, what would be your top priorities for our neighbourhood and how would you address the challenges facing our area?

Andrei Zodian

1. Kindly refer to my website for my solutions for our acute homelessness as well as home affordability for the longer term. As detailed on my traffic page, I support empowering citizens to issue (or contribute to ~) tickets for by-laws where enforcement is lax and/or difficult, as well as using parking fees and fines as a bandaid to control traffic downtown until the current investments in public transportation catch up to the reality of booming population.
2. It would be both a pleasure and a priority for me to engage with your organization, especially during business hours, as I prefer to reserve the evening for canvassing.

April Engelberg

I will be advocating to make sure that construction projects don’t take over sidewalks and lanes of traffic for years to ease congestion. This will be especially critical in the years to come with 3 new subway stations coming to our ward. We need to make sure that business are accessible and supported throughout the lengthy construction process. We don’t want to King and Queen to look like Eglinton for the next decade.

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